Carlson High School Daily procedures

This video will help you and your student understand the daily procedures that are expected of students at Carlson High School. Please watch the video so you know what to expect when attending school. Some aspects of the day are quite different than previous years, but we know that with understanding and by working together we will make this school year a success.

Carlson High School virtual tour

Welcome to the Carlson High School Virtual Tour. Feel free to click through the school and explore your student's schedule. Clicking on the icons in the bottom left corner will navigate you through the different views of the school. If at any point you need help with the tour, click the 'HELP' icon in the bottom right corner.

1st Floor Of Carlson High School

2nd Floor Of Carlson High School

Carlson Memorial building

carlson classrooms with ppe

Carlson Science Labs

Carlson media center